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Systematic Ventilation in Williams Lake

Whether it’s the coolest of winter days or hot summer days, having proper ventilation is necessary. For us, ventilation is about striking the perfect balance where you don’t let the inside air to escape much while allowing a continuous supply of fresh air. Our ventilation experts know that the temperatures in the Williams Lake and Glendale regions may reach either extreme. And we have what it takes to provide quality ventilation services in Williams Lake and the surrounding area. Horizon Climate Controls provides installation, maintenance, repair, and testing on all commercial and residential ventilation.

We custom fabricate, design, and install sheet metal for a range of heating, cooling, and ventilation applications. Feel free to call us for custom quotes on your ventilation needs.

York® Ventilator Systems

As York® dealers, we recommend the energy recovery ventilator for warm climates and the heat recovery ventilator for the cooler regions. These air exchangers will bring in fresh, clean air from the outside, and remove the stale smell, along with dust and other particle buildups. We have discussed the working principle of heat recovery and energy recovery ventilators in brief.

  Heat recovery ventilator: This indoor air quality equipment brings in fresh air while exhausting stale air. A heat exchanger core prevents heat from escaping out. You can turn to us for all your residential HRV needs.
  Energy recovery ventilator: It’ll introduce fresh air into your home while exhausting stale air similar to heat recovery ventilator. However, its heat exchanger core conserves thermal energy while transferring some humidity into the incoming air.

Ventilation Experts You Can Rely On

We cater to all your ventilation needs. Call us for an appointment.

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