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Electrical and Lighting Services in williams lake

If you’re moving or renovating your place, treat this as an opportunity to ensure not only safety and durability but to add custom features that reflect your style. Make use of our 20+ years of experience to redesign your place. At Horizon Climate Controls, we carry a variety of electrical components from top brands that are known for quality. Our extensive inventory of electrical devices, lighting controls, electronics and accessories, lighting, wiring, and switch controls are worth exploring. We do pre-scale service upgrades for homes and offices. Get in touch with us for electrical and lighting appliances in Williams Lake.

We know electrical emergencies can’t wait! In such scenarios, you can depend on us for 24/7 electrical services. If you need help setting up electrical solar energy systems, fire alarms, data and communication systems, phones, and computer networking, we can help. Our class A FSR electricians can help you with everything you need for electrification and lighting of your new house or building, so you don't have to look elsewhere.

We provide installation, maintenance, repair, and testing on all commercial and residential electrical and lighting appliances. Our experts do annual testing and cleaning of fire alarm systems. Call us to learn more.

Electrical and Lighting Needs since 1998

Whether you need a detailed inspection before moving to a new home or an experienced electrician for renovations, our licensed FSR electrician accommodate your requests.

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